Personal Stories

The following videos, filmed in the summer of 2012, are a collection of personal accounts of successful completions of reentry programs in Spokane. We know that smart justice works. Watch these real stories and imagine the difference in our communities and families if more people had these opportunities.

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Jason – Reentry drug treatment makes a difference

Chelsea – Disabilities need to be recognized

Kay – The jail is not a therapeutic place for those with mental illness

Mark – “I’ve changed my ways and I’m a good person now”

Marcus –  “People do change”

Mike – Federal reentry drug court program helped

David – The  Center for Justice driver’s re-licensing program helps people get to work


The following videos are of I Did the Time members as they presented at the Smart Justice Spokane’s Community Symposium on November 15, 2014. The over 300 people in attendance heard these compelling personal stories about the need for criminal justice reforms and the importance of housing, jobs and treatment opportunities for those re-entering our communities from jails and prisons.

I Did the Time: Layne Pavey


I Did the Time: Steve Sivertson


I Did the Time: Lee Ann Winters


I Did the Time: Dom Felix


I Did the Time: Justin Pimsanguan


I Did the Time: Brandon Mast