Police Leadership Advisory Committee 2015-16

On October 28, 2015, shortly before his re-election, Spokane Mayor David Condon announced the formation of the Citizen Police Leadership Advisory Committee, tasked with leading a conversation about what the community is looking for in its next police chief and providing input about what a culture audit of the Spokane Police Division should consider.

The Committee was given three primary objectives related to the police chief search:
1. Review and make suggestions to the current police chief job description
2. Identify the attributes the community is seeking in the next police chief
3. Recommend the hiring and selection process that should be used

From December 1, 2015 through January 21, 2016, PLAC solicited and received public comment through public forums at community centers, by email and phone messaging, and from individual conversations with community groups and Committee members. PLAC undertook occasional fact-finding efforts for further explanation, and received background information from City Hall and documents in the public record.

Click here for Part 1, which addresses the job description and attributes.


Click here for Part 2, which address the hiring process.