Smart Hiring Campaign

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Smart Hiring policies reduce barriers to jobs for people with conviction records. We know our community works best when everyone in our community can work. Our goal is that all public and private employers consider applicants first based on their qualifications, not on their criminal history. This would give applicants an opportunity to explain their past before a hiring decision is made. Certain exceptions would apply, e.g. law enforcement and working with children and vulnerable adults.

One in nearly three Americans has a criminal record. We cannot afford to exclude them from our economy – by doing so, businesses are missing out on qualified employees and we are preventing people who have moved past their mistakes from working hard for their families.

Do you know businesses that support Smart Hiring policies? Smart Justice Spokane’s Smart Hiring Campaign Workgroup is building support for our proposed city-wide Smart Hiring Ordinance. Please share business contacts with Liz Moore at

To get involved with the Smart Hiring Campaign Workgroup, contact: Liz Moore at


Here is a related article from Allison Aubrey on NPR’s Morning Edition, April 15, 2016:

“We see a powerful connection between successful employment of people with criminal backgrounds and reducing the national recidivism rate”, [Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation]. Some of these workers “can be rock stars” — if given a chance”

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