Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council Meetings

Your voice matters! Please join us for the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council’s (SRLJC) monthly meetings to help move Spokane forward together. Come show your support for smart justice reforms!

What is the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council?

Membership and Mission

The SRLJC is made up of elected officials, criminal justice professionals, and two at-large community members. Its mission is “to create and sustain a cost-effective regional criminal justice system that builds a healthy and strong community by fostering the best possible outcomes for the community, including reducing recidivism, and increasing system collaboration” (SRLJC Bylaws – April 15, 2015).

SRLJC Subcommittees

The SRLJC has numerous subcommittees, which conduct research on issues in the criminal justice system and make recommendations to the SRLJC (SRLJC Bylaws, Article IX -April 15, 2015). Subcommittees have broad representation that includes community members. Smart Justice Spokane is participating on each of these subcommittees.

Racial Equity Subcommittee

Smart Justice Spokane is pleased that the SRLJC created the Racial Equity Subcommittee to develop an action plan and a racial equity toolkit to implement the SRLJC’s goal to “evaluate and address racial disproportionality in the criminal justice system and have a commitment in all departments to achieve racial equity.” (SRLJC Bylaws, Article II, F. – April 15, 2015).

Meeting Dates, Times and Locations

See the SRLJC website for dates, times, and locations of all SRLJC and Subcommittee Meetings. These meetings are always open to the public, and members of the public are generally invited by the Chairperson to ask questions and participate in discussions. Minutes and resources for the SRLJC and each of the Subcommittees are also posted on the website.

For more information go to the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council website.