ALERT: Make Your Voice Heard!

Right now, County Prosecutor Larry Haskell, Commissioner Al French, and a few other politicians are proposing to dissolve the 23-member Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council (SRLJC) and to replace it with a smaller Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee of 13 positions, currently all held by white men. This eliminates four community member seats as well as many elected and agency representatives.

The proposal also eliminates all committees including the Racial Equity Committee, replacing it with a Community Participation Committee that is both smaller and that waters down the voices of community members disproportionately impacted by our criminal justice system.

This proposal seeks to consolidate power in the hands of just a few. It insulates white officials from people of color. It reduces communication among those who are directly responsible. It diminishes the voice of the community at large, and it especially muffles the voices of communities of color who continue to suffer unfairly.

We need everyday people to make their voices heard! Click here to send your message to Spokane County Commissioners French, Kerns, and Kuney, the rest of the current SRLJC members, and city council members of Spokane Valley and the City of Spokane. The key decision makers are the County Commissioners, but it matters to make our voices heard to everyone listed because it affects our entire county and we want them to oppose the proposal.