• Smart Hiring

    Smart hiring policies reduce barriers to jobs for people with conviction records. We know our community works best when everyone in our community can work. Support smart hiring!

  • Your Voice Matters

    Everyone has a stake in criminal justice reform. Join us at the next Smart Justice Spokane event and voice your ideas about how to create smart justice in Spokane.

  • Help Create Smart Justice in Spokane

Don't miss the Smart Justice Spokane Community Voting Event on Facebook on November 4.

Want to see where the candidates stand on smart justice issues? Click here to read their answers to our questionnaire.


Click here to sign up for email updates. Smart Justice Spokane is a coalition of over 30 organizations working together to implement comprehensive, cost-effective, and research-based smart justice reforms in the Spokane criminal justice system. Great news! Citing "demonstrable political will," the MacArthur Foundation's Safety and Justice Challenge will invest $1.75 million "to address the misuse and overuse of jails” in Spokane County! Congratulations to all of our Smart Justice Spokane partners who have spoken out and participated to show our community's political will for comprehensive reform of our broken, expensive, unfair, ineffective criminal justice system. There is no substitute for an organized community! For more information:  


MacArthur Foundation press release

Spokane County press release

MacArthur Foundation’s summary on Spokane 

Spokane County 2016 Safety and Justice Challenge Fact Sheet 

Spokesman-Review story: “Spokane County Jail receives an additional $1.75 million from MacArthur Foundation to reduce overcrowding”